Family Pictures | Christmas Portraits | Myrtle Beach State Park on a cold November morning


Family Christmas photo sessions are so much fun!

This particular morning was cold! I mean the kind of cold that makes your nose red and your body shiver but the Pinola family was soooooo brave and just weathered the cold until the sun came out and warmed these gorgeous smiles!

Dr. Dan Pinola is one of the best surgeons here in  Myrtle Beach at the Grand Strand hospital saving people's lives every day! Catherine is a school psychologist and an amazing mom two these two adorable babies! She is very loving, warm and tender and such a pleasure to be around:)

As a big brother Gianni is protective over his little sister Colette (whom for short they call baby Coco ....seriously it does'y get ANY CUTTER THAN THIS guys!!!!) and he has the best smile when holding her in his arms....just absolutely adorable these two! I could spend an entire day taking portraits of these two babies and never get tired of the sweetness, the genuine emotions and the great family dynamics between them and their awesome parents!


Myrtle Beach Photographers | Myrtle Beach State Park

Photographing in the Myrtle Beach State Park is amongst my favorites for family photo sessions. There are old trees with branches that touch the ground, cute pathways and lovely hills, adorable dunes with sea oats and of course...the ocean! All this makes for a very versatile place to have a family session done right here in the heart of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 
Having a Christmas session done is a wonderful idea this time of year.... not only do these portraits make for awesome canvases and art work in the Pinola's household now but also they make for great Holiday presents, tree ornaments and Christmas Cards! 

I can't wait to see which ones are going to be their favorites from the entire photo session and which ones are going to make their canvas!!